Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Three Days in Paris

My favorite moment in Paris was during transit.

A man got on the subway with a trumpet and played, perhaps, the sweetest ballad I've ever heard.

It was conceivably my tired ears, wanting some familiar language, or the fact that his notes swelled with such conviction that I felt them five rows back. In any case, his serenade had me gaping open-mouthed looking around, wondering how the masses let it pass over their heads. I figured they all must be deaf. My stop came shortly after he'd begun and reluctantly, I stepped off.

It was too short a visit, of course, but it was a great experience. The biggest challenge was a realized reliance on my cell phone for directions and accessing information. Turns out I didn't have data and my phone battery couldn't cope with life. I did a lot more "winging it" than I had intended!

Among many mishaps and ventures, I spent a lot of time at the Louvre, went to the Picasso Museum, did a tour of the Latin Quarter and beyond on a bicycle, ate my weight in pastries and checked the Eiffel Tower off the bucket list!

Here is a photo collection of some favorite art pieces, street corners, sights and people: